Season 3 • Episode 23

From Quitting His Job to $80k Per Month!

How does a “techie” at Google, go from working at a job that’s making him miserable… to making over $80K/Month, having the freedom to work from ANYWHERE and making a huge impact on people’s lives? That’s what happened to our amazing client Shobhit Chugh! Wanna know exactly how he did it? Tune in!

Season 3 • Episode 22

3 Crucial Business Processes You MUST NOT Ignore!

Trying to build a business that brings in $100k/month can feel like a lot. The truth is you just have to know what to FOCUS on, and what to leave alone. And it really comes to 3 things. That’s it! There are 3 main areas of your business that make all the difference between massive success, and struggle. If you want to know what…

Season 3 • Episode 21

How to Get Clients Even if No One Knows Who You Are

What if you could make $50k /month… even if no one knows who you are? Impossible right? Wrong. It happens every day. While most people are struggling with their day-to-day challenges, dealing with the commute, wondering how much longer they’ll have to keep working… A small handful of people are quietly using a simple system to attract the right clients at the right price…and…

Season 3 • Episode 20

The Superpower of Not Taking Things Personally

Haters gonna hate. Nothing you can do about it. Worrying about what people think, and taking things personally can kill a dream and a business before they ever get off the ground! Bottom line is, you can’t be successful if you’re worried about haters. While most people stay frozen in self-doubt, and let what they do and say be affected by the things people…

Season 3 • Episode 19

Doubled Her Income, then Doubled Again!

Jamie was tired and broke. Working 8 hours /day as a coach, maxed out on her energy and her credit cards. And had resigned herself to the fact that she and her family were going to have to sell their dream home. Cut to 8 months later: She works 25 / hours a week Is a 100% present full-time parent. Vacations anywhere in the…

Season 3 • Episode 18

3 Reasons Why Most Business Coaching Programs Suck

If you’re a coach, consultant or thought leader and you want to scale your business, make more money and make a bigger impact… and you understand you need to invest to make more money, but you are curious why most business coaching sucks and how you can weed out the pretenders from the real thing… Tune in!

Season 3 • Episode 17

The 3 Biggest Lessons We Have Learned From Our Millionaire Students

Are you looking for a shortcut to earning multiple 6-figures every month in your business… to becoming a multi-millionaire in less time than you ever imagined? This episode reveals the game-changing strategies that a few of our highest-earning clients are using that helped them go from zero (literally) to multiple 7-figures/year! None of these people were millionaires when they came to us – we…

Season 3 • Episode 16

How to Handle When a Prospect Tells You I’ll think about it

If you’re a coach or consultant having trouble enrolling clients into your high-ticket program because most people ask… “Can I think about it?” And you want to learn the secret to enroll clients on the very FIRST CALL so that it doesn’t suck and it feels good for you and for the client… Tune in.

Season 3 • Episode 15

The Horrendous Cost of Saying … I Will Figure it Out

Being resourceful is a good thing, right… especially for an entrepreneur and a coach, right? Actually, no. That attitude could be costing you millions of dollars in your business. And setting you back years from reaching your goals. Want to know what you can do to shorten your learning curve AND skyrocket your business to 6 and 7-figures… Tune in.

Season 3 • Episode 14

How to Attract all the Coaching Clients You Want Even at $5-15K Prices

Do you wanna be able to attract clients from $3k – $15k and enroll them within 24 hours? Great news! On this episode we reveal our entire client attraction system!! And since our clients have done over $1 billion dollars (yes that’s with a ‘B’) in sales… you should probably pay attention! Tune in now!

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