Season 5 • Episode 2

If We Had to Start Over From Scratch (Updated)

How did I go from working as a bartender, earning $2k/month… to making $1.5 million/month? Easy. I created a simple, elegant way to attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime I wanted. But that was years ago. The world’s changed a lot since then. Do you want to know what would I do if I woke up tomorrow with absolutely nothing… No…

Season 5 • Episode 1

Millionaire Morning Routine

Season 4 • Episode 8

From No Niche & No Income to 6-Figures…in the Middle of the Pandemic (Season Finale!)

How does a coach with no niche, no income, no leads and no clients go to making multiple 6-figures in the middle of the pandemic? Karen Allen was broke, burned out, exhausted from writing blogs, postings, networking, workshops and live events… She had done 100 calls enrolled nobody and made all of $9k in 2019. But in a matter of weeks in 2020 she…

Season 4 • Episode 7

The Top 3 Habits of Hyper Successful Entrepreneurs

Right now a small group of online entrepreneurs are killing it. These hyper-successful coaches, consultants and service providers have an endless supply of clients giving them the income, impact and freedom they want…. and everyone else is trying to figure out what they’re doing wrong. Turns out these rockstars are all doing the same 3 things (success leaves clues!). Our Director of Sales, Marc…

Season 4 • Episode 6

How to Enroll When You Have no Sales Experience

Are you a heart driven coach or entrepreneur and you want to serve your people, make an impact in the world and create a great income for yourself… but you have no sales experience? Problem is if you don’t know how to enroll clients no one’s going to know how awesome you are and the difference you can make. The good news is outdated…

Season 4 • Episode 5

Overcoming the Desire to Quit

Thinking about quitting your business? About giving up and going to work for someone else because every day is either ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ and you just want OFF the emotional roller coaster? Happens to everyone. But what do you do about it so it doesn’t slow you down, sabotage your success or worse, make you give up on your dream that you can HAVE…

Season 4 • Episode 4

Generating Cashflow 101

Cashflow is the LIFE BLOOD of your business. The problem for a lot of business owners I talk to is that they cross their fingers and hope that as long as there’s money coming in… it’s all going to work out. But I’ve seen some of our clients doing impressive numbers in their business and not taking much home. So, how do you make…

Season 4 • Episode 3

Why Your Sales Strategy is Failing and How to Fix it

If you’re having a hard time getting people to buy into your program or service, even if you’ve always been able to do it before… You’re definitely not alone. The truth is the old tactics are dead. And if you don’t adapt, your business will go the same way. If you wanna know how to fix it right now… And learn the shifts you…

Season 4 • Episode 2

3 Habits You Must STOP if You Want to Build a Million Dollar Business

Trying to build a million dollar business can be like crossing a mine field. Every day there are things that can sabotage your success. But we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get to 6 or 7-figures in their business by avoiding 3 critical mistakes that are like a cancer for your business. So if you want to know how to stop doing the things that could…

Season 4 • Episode 1

Why you should start a coaching business

If you’re thinking about starting a coaching business… many of our clients are seeing better numbers right now than they’ve ever seen before! Despite all the chaos in the world. Shocking but true. And if you’re looking at starting an online coaching business, and you should be… so you can boost your income, make an impact in the world and have more freedom… The…

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