Season 3 • Episode 5

Why Do You Get Objections on Your Calls?

A lot of coaches, consultants and service providers want to go over 6-figures, or 7-figures in their business this year.

But they’re having trouble enrolling clients into their high-ticket offer because they’re getting a ton of objections.

The price objection…

The spouse objection…

The “I need to think about it” objection.

They’re trying things like scarcity and urgency. Or memorizing outdated old school closes…

And following up a gazillion times on sales calls trying to wear people down to overcome their objections.

But they end up alienating them instead of enrolling.

If you want to get your business to $100K/month you’ll never get there in a million years if you do those things. There’s a much simpler way.

Nobody teaches sales better than Clients on Demand. The numbers are staggering:

We do 90% of our enrollments on the very first call (and we only do high-ticket sales).

So if you want to start enrolling clients into a high-ticket offer, from $5K – $25K, but you’re struggling with objections…

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