Season 3 • Episode 4

Why You Should Stop Giving Away Your Best Stuff If You Want To Get The Best Clients

Have you ever heard that if you move the ‘free line’ and give away your best stuff you will automatically attract the right clients to your business?

Let me save you some work and aggravation.

A while back when I first became a coach, I tried that strategy;

I believed prospects would be so impressed and so grateful for the amazing content I was giving away…they would become paying customers.

Instead I lost time, money and energy helping people who never spent a dime.

And a bunch of people in my niche copied my best stuff and called it their own then started selling it at a high-ticket price!

If you still think that you need to give all your best stuff away to attract the right clients to your business…

And you want to know why it doesn’t work and what you should be doing instead…

Tune In!

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