Season 1 • Episode 180

How to Not Get Burned

A lot of coaches out there are promising over the top RESULTS these days… but how can you tell the legit ones from the not-so-legit? I’m sure you’ve seen ALL the ads on Facebook and YouTube for ‘magic’ marketing systems. It’s a big problem for anyone that’s really trying to build their business to 6 or 7-figures. The more NOISE that’s out there, the harder it is to tell the difference between the clowns and the people that genuinely know what they’re doing and can help you. If you’re serious about building your business, about getting the clients you want at the price you want, and you want to know… The 7 things you need to look for when you’re evaluating a potential coach, including what’s the first question to ask yourself when you see someone’s ad, or webinar… You need to join me and Marc Von Musser in this episode, “How Not to Get Burned”

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