Season 1 • Episode 177

From Stuck and Alone to a Thriving Millionaire

Karen Coffey was trapped. She was trying everything to get her business going including, trade shows, email marketing and speaking from the stage. But after expenses she was taking home around $30k /year… Things got so bad, she even applied to become an Uber driver. Then she enrolled in Clients on Demand and her entire world was turned upside down. Now she’s serving her clients, loves the team she hired and last month she took in $300K!! Check out this interview with Karen and hear about her incredible story first hand. EP 178- Title- Why Your Sales Suck (and how to fix it) If you suck at sales, no one’s going to know how awesome you are and the difference you can make. It’s the big problem we see in people’s businesses. How do you sell more? Here’s a hint: it’s NOT the price, or your web site, or your certifications.  And outdated “scammy” tactics are dead. People are looking for a genuine connection. If you want to learn 3 powerful things that can transform your sales that work in every single industry on the planet,… And the SECRET that’s helped thousands of coaches and consultants sell in a way that’s authentic… Join me and Marc Von Musser as we pull back the curtain and reveal how smart entrepreneurs are enrolling clients in a way that feels good for you and the client, on “Why Your Sales Suck (and how to fix it).”

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