Season 1 • Episode 131

Why You Secretly Hate Money…and how to fix it

Did you know that TOXIC money beliefs could be killing your business and your income?

And it can happen even if you’ve been in business for years!

If you’ve ever thought you might be sabotaging yourself or your business…  THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!

At Clients on Demand, we’ve seen this happen to a lot of great coaches, consultants and service providers.

They want to enroll clients from $3K to $15K, and they really can help people.

But when it comes time to charge a premium price for their service…

They can’t.

They can’t get their head around it…they feel like they don’t deserve it.

And these negative beliefs STOP them dead in their tracks.

If you solve a major life or business problem and you’re not charging a premium price for your service…

You can’t afford to miss this!

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