Season 1 • Episode 130

How One Client Went From ‘Making Peanuts’ to $80K/ Month When She Stopped Doing the 1 Thing Everyone Else Does

Do you want to make a bigger difference in the lives of your clients, SCALE your business with a group program and CRUSH your income goals?

You have to hear what happened to Christina Rosenberg when she “burned the boats,” closed her business and enrolled in Clients on Demand!

She faced lots of challenges before she got her funnel dialed in, including: massive feelings of “not enough-ness”, cash flow problems and a webinar that was NOT converting…

But less than 6 months later she was making over $70K/month!

If you want to hear all the details of Christina’s incredible journey, including:

…the multiple times she wanted to quit (and what stopped her!)

…how she “manifested” her way to a $30K month and joined Millionaire Alliance

… how she gets a higher quality client willing to pay a premium price

… why her client results are 100X better in a group program (and how she delivers them!)

…And the most important thing she got from Clients on Demand that helped her turn things around so fast!

Listen now!

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