Season 1 • Episode 126

Beating the Price Objection

If you’re a coach or consultant, and you don’t have a six or seven figure business, because YOU are struggling to enroll clients at a premium price…


How much are you charging for your service? Is the price as high as it should be?

Are you undercharging because you think no one will pay more?

Do you look at other people in your niche and there are competitors that have been there longer than you …maybe they have more testimonials and case studies than you…

And you‘re afraid to charge a higher price?

No worries. It happens to everyone.

The truth is, YOU can start enrolling clients into a high-ticket offer, from $3K up to as much as $10K, as soon as TOMORROW…

But there’s one thing stopping you.

The GOOD NEWS is that every single client that ever went through Clients on Demand – as soon as they went through our program, we got them to get rid of their pricing structure, and start charging $3K, $5K, and even $10K for some of them.

If you want to know:

* How we take clients from drastically undercharging to getting $3K, $5K or even $10K for their service…

* The #1 thing that keeps business owners from charging a higher price (and how you can BEAT IT)…

* And the step-by-step process to enroll clients in a way that organically overcomes the price objection on its own, without them ever bringing it up…

Listen now.

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