Season 1 • Episode 122

One-On-One vs. Group Coaching

The ultimate coaching showdown!

If you’re like most coaches, you know that group coaching is the key to creating leverage in your business, right? There’s a million reasons to do it:

– You can work with more clients.

– You can leverage your time.

– You can hit your income goals faster.

In other words, you can SCALE!

But maybe the thought of group coaching leaves you with one big fat nagging DOUBT that nibbles at your brain…

Does group coaching actually get RESULTS?

It’s a big question, and you know what? If you’re asking it, then I want to salute you.

It means you’re actually a good coach. You care about your clients. You care about their results.

And you might be willing to go the group route…but if (and only if) it can provide better outcomes for your clients than what you’re getting now, right?

Well, let’s get to the bottom of it, shall we?

Does Group coaching or 1:1 coaching get better results for your clients? Listen now to find out.

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