Season 1 • Episode 120

Year-End Wrap-Up: How We Did 8-FIGURES in 2018

I’ve been tallying up our final numbers for 2018, and I’m very happy.

In this episode, I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal EVERYTHING – revenue, ad spend, etc and also our simple 3-step process for attracting clients!

Last year, we had more clients than ever cross the million dollar mark in their businesses (which is awesome).

And as for Clients on Demand, we did well into the 8-figures.

The basic strategy we’re using today has not changed in the past 4 years. If anything, it’s gotten even MORE powerful and effective.

If you want to know:

* Exactly how much revenue we brought in…

* Exactly how much we spent on ads to do it…

* The step-by-step guide to 8-figure coaching…

* How YOU can win in 2019…

* And…the broken strategies you should absolutely STOP DOING that are KILLING your results!

Listen now.

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