Season 1 • Episode 119

Why All Sales “Objections” Are 100% Fake

If you want to enroll clients at the price you want and get your business to $100K/month in 2019…

This EPISODE is for YOU!

There’s a lot of people out there using crappy sales tactics.

They’re using things like scarcity and urgency…

Following up a gazillion times on sales calls…

And trying to wear people down to OVERCOME their objections…

They’re even adding bonuses and other bells and whistles trying to close the deal.

And despite all of that, most of them aren’t even enrolling more than one or two people a month.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that the strategies I mentioned above – are absolute garbage.

The TRUTH is, most objections aren’t real.

In fact, if you’re getting objections AT ALL it means you are missing the MOST important piece of the enrollment conversation.

If you want to know…

The real reason why overcoming objections is the WORST way to enroll ANYONE and what you can do instead to make selling feel like the EASIEST thing you do…

Listen now.

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