Season 1 • Episode 115

How We Take Clients from $0 – $1M in 12 Months or Less

Believe it or not, these people WERE exactly where you are now:

· A dating coach for women over 40, made $375K in 8 weeks

· A woman helps students get into Ivy League schools has her first $1 Million Year

· A guy teaches handstands and made $1 Million in 6 months!

When they came to Clients On Demand they were exactly where you are, AND they were a bit skeptical… but all that changed when they witnessed the POWER of our system.

It’s the simplest possible funnel for you to get super qualified clients in the door that YOU want to work with…

So far in 2018, we’ve had 24 clients earn over $1 Million in the 12 months since they started Clients On Demand.

And another 2 dozen or so have had their first $100K month.

Without blogging, without launching and without becoming a mini-celebrity.

These are people in all kinds of different markets and niches with all kinds of different offers… but they all used the same strategy.

How did they do it?

They all had the same 2 key qualities…

And they all used the exact same 4-step strategy…

If you want to know the step-by-step system that helped these people go from zero to 7-figures within their first year of COD…

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