Season 1 • Episode 108

Why Sales Follow Up is BS

It’s one of the biggest myths around…

A lot of marketing guru’s and even some sales “experts” say you should follow up on sales leads… a lot.

The truth is, following up on sales is a complete waste of time, will suck hours out of your day and gradually kill your business. It’s the exact WRONG thing to do.

On this episode you’ll find out:

· Why following up kills the whole relationship from the start.

· What the #1 priority should be on any enrollment call.

· The simple sales process that enrolls prospects during the FIRST conversation.

If you want to know…

· How to get better at marketing and your enrollment call now.

· The simple paradigm that makes sales come to you.

· How to set up a system in your business where you have people reaching out to you every day.

Listen now.

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