Season 1 • Episode 106

The Spiral of Shame (and how to avoid it)

When you have a business that’s not working, it can spiral out into every area of your life. The stress affects your relationships, your health, and your self-respect. And the deeper you go down that rabbit hole, the worse things get.

Obviously, that’s not what we want for you!

In this episode, Jayne and I talk about how to build an incredible business you love…without sacrificing your relationships or your happiness when things aren’t working.

I know we talk about revenue a lot. Money is important. But all the money and success in the world is meaningless unless everything ELSE in your life gets better, too.

And regardless of where you are on the income scale, you should be enjoying a great life and wonderful relationships EVEN while you’re getting your business together.

Click play now and find out how to avoid the spiral of shame. 

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