Season 1 • Episode 103

From $200K In Debt To $200K+ PER MONTH

Matt is a dream client. And he’s one you can probably relate to in one way or another.

When he found us, it was by accident. He’d literally given up. He was just scrolling Social Media to pass the time and soothe the pain of finally deciding to throw in the towel.

And who could blame him…

He’d invested tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in “surefire” marketing strategies that flat out did not work.

In fact, as you’ll hear, his last launch netted him less than a dollar. Heartbreaking, soul-crushing stuff.

So there he was $200k in debt, self-esteem was shot and he was out of ideas or the will to keep trying.

Things were so bad he would sweat when his girlfriend at the time would add guacamole to dinner because he wasn’t sure he could afford the extra charge.

Fortunately, that is not the end of Matt’s incredible story. Matt stumbled across one of our ads on Instagram.

Now, he’s living his dream. Time. Money. Relationships. Impact. He’s got it ALL.

In fact, THIS interview was one of his goals… to be so successful using our strategies that we’d want to interview him;

And I’m so glad we did. 

This is easily one of my all-time favorite success stories. Matt is the real deal.

Grab a tissue, buckle up, and get ready for an amazing interview unlike any we’ve ever had.

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