Season 1 • Episode 102

The Top 5 Facebook Myths & Lies

Right now, there are some persistent (and destructive) MYTHS about what does, and does not work, when using Facebook for advertising.

 These MYTHS, and in some cases outright LIES, are…

  • Stopping good coaches from finding great clients…
  • Keeping your future clients stuck in their pain because they can’t find you or the solution YOU offer…
  • Holding you back from experiencing the financial freedom you could have if you only knew the truth about how to harness the power of Facebook…
  • And so much more.

That’s why Adrienne and I had to record this episode, bust the myths, and reveal the truth about Facebook advertising.

As you listen, you’ll hear us set the record straight and give you the facts around the TOP 5 FACEBOOK MYTHS AND LIES.

Whether you run Facebook ads or not, getting to the truth about even ONE of these myths could radically alter how effective you are online.

So, imagine how amazing it will be when you know the truth about all five! The insights you gain listening to this one episode could really blow the lid off your marketing and your ability to attract high-ticket clients.

Listen now.

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