Season 1 • Episode 99

From New Idea to $100k MONTHS… In ONE YEAR!

Most people believe a niche like yoga or holistic health practitioners won’t pay high-ticket. Maybe a few might tap into a trustfund or something. But certainly not enough to sustain MULTIPLE six-figure months, right? Wrong.

Because, that’s EXACTLY what our clients, Kulin & Dipika, achieved…

They went from “brand new idea” to $100k months in a niche most people consider to be full of people with “no money.”

In this interview, they admitted they even surprised themselves at how fast it all has happened (about 12-13 months).

Here’s more…

The new business is so successful, it already surpassed the revenue from their other business. A business where they invested 20 years of blood, sweat and tears. A business FULL of “big money” players (wait ’till you hear about that biz).

And yet, what’s really crazy is how FAST they built their NEW business using our NEW strategies.

This new strategy (that wasn’t even possible 10 years ago) took 1/20th the time it took them to build their other business, the old way.

Of course, it wasn’t a stroll down easy street. It was really hard work. They are model clients. They followed our system. And they got results.

Still, they had a few hard lessons to learn along the way.

As you listen you’ll hear them talk about…

… how they were thinking about their business (hint: undercharging),

… to the way they were showing up in their business (hint: busy, busy),

… to being humble enough to ask for help and follow a PROVEN system.

… and so much more!

After years in business, what really worked was a new way of thinking. A way that’s paid off––financially, emotionally… and has given them the freedom and impact they desired.

What did they learn along the way?

What made the biggest difference?

What advice do they have for YOU?

To find out, listen now.

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