Season 1 • Episode 98

How To Create Empowering Beliefs

There’s a lot of talk about mindset these days. Talk about how to get in the right mindset to sell high-ticket coaching… Talk about the right mindset to serve your clients… Talk about the right mindset around money… Or work, or boundaries, or whatever. Trouble is, most of it is just that… talk.

The question is: is your mindset helping you move forward and actually achieve what you say you want? Or not? If not, it may not be your fault. However, once you listen to this episode, it will be if you don’t apply what you learn from Marc and Jayne.

You see, the problem could be that you’re using old, outdated mindset techniques. That’s why, In this episode I’ve asked Marc and Jayne to explain what really works when it comes to having an unstoppable set of beliefs.

In this episode you’ll discover…

How to be “at cause” in your life…

The difference between goals, thoughts, and beliefs…

Why you must understand the references your beliefs are built on…

When to take action so that you reinforce what you want and eliminate what you don’t…

Why doubt is critical if you want to shift your beliefs… And so much more.

Listen now.

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