Season 1 • Episode 97

You Attract The Client You Are

Does it excite you or terrify you that you might attract the type of client you are? Do you really attract the type of client you are? Or, do you attract what you want and focus on?

In this episode, Marc, Jayne, and Adrienne have a powerful roundtable style discussion about the relationship between your beliefs and the clients you attract.

They each share stories and insights from their own life as well as what they see with the people we work with in Clients on Demand.

This episode is pure platinum.

As you listen, you’ll hear…

  • What YOUR patterns and triggers have to do with the clients you attract…
  • How “belief reflections” can point out the quickest path to your NEXT LEVEL of success…
  • The “skills ceiling” and how it shows up in your business…
  • Why you are more like a jar of mayonnaise than you ever realized…
  • And many more insights you absolutely want to hear.

To hear them all, listen now.

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