Season 1 • Episode 95

4 Traits Of Highly Successful Salespeople

Do you know what REALLY sets apart the best salespeople from the ones who don’t make it?

Is it a finely tuned set of objection stoppers? A perfect script? Charisma?

Nope. None of those things matter.

What matters are 4 traits that are often overlooked by those stuck in the old way of selling. And by the way, the old way no longer works with today’s buyers.

That’s why a new breed of salesperson is dominating the high-ticket selling process. A new type of salesperson who understands the new way of working with clients.

Listen, if you’ve been put off by sales in the past, you’ll love this episode. If the old way of selling made you sick to your stomach, then this episode is your relief.

When you listen you’ll discover…

  • Why the old way of selling doesn’t work…
  • The often shunned tool top coaches and consultants are using to skyrocket their income while getting better clients…
  • The 4 C’s we look for when training or hiring salespeople…
  • How to spot old school sales training techniques so you can run the other way…
  • And much, much more.

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