Season 1 • Episode 93

Why YOU Can Charge More Than Your Competition Right Now

If you’ve ever questioned how you can compete against the big, established names in your niche, then this episode is for you.

And if you wonder why people would ever pay you $3,000-$10,000 even though you’re unknown, have no book, and the gurus are offering courses at $497… then this episode is definitely for you!

Listen, your past, where you came from, what you have, or have not done, doesn’t matter when it comes to finding ideal clients. There are more than enough people who will gladly pay you high-ticket prices… right now.

All you need to do is differentiate yourself from what everyone else is doing.

And in this episode, we explain why being different is far easier than you might imagine. But different for difference sake isn’t enough. You must be strategically different. Marc von Musser and I share HOW you need to be different in this episode.

Plus, you’ll discover…

  • Why conventional thinking will only get you conventional results.
  • How the advice to “just charge more” could destroy your business – and what to do instead.
  • 3 Things you absolutely do NOT need to command high-ticket pricing in your niche
  • The #1 (and only) thing you need in order to swoop in and dominate your niche as a high-ticket coach or consultant.
  • 3 Things people are NOT paying for even though it seems like they are.
  • And much, much more.

Listen now.

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