Season 1 • Episode 88

The Four Biggest Costs In Your Coaching Business

Far too many coaches and consultants get caught up in worrying about all of the wrong things, especially when it comes to what’s costing them in their business.

They worry about the different tools, software platforms, and everything else we’re told we need to invest in so that we can finally run a successful coaching business. 

But the truth of what’s really costing the most, is very different…

Because the biggest costs in your business have nothing to do with any of those things; and if you’re focused on those smaller issues  it’s actually going to end up costing you far more in the long run. Exponentially more. Literally MILLIONS more.

That’s right, not knowing these hidden costs will literally cost you millions of dollars throughout your career. That’s NOT an exaggeration (we run the numbers in this episode).

But, if you can recognize and focus on these four costs, then it’s going to provide a blueprint and a roadmap for you to make incredibly powerful decisions.

Better yet, as you grow your company to where you want it to be… whether that’s $10,000 a month, $20,000, 100,000, or even a million a month… whatever that goal is, understanding this core concept of your biggest costs is going to be key.

Because once you understand what we reveal in this podcast, you’ll make intelligent decisions about where to invest your money. And you’ll make much wiser choices about how you use your time and your energy.

However, if you don’t understand this, you’re going to be paralyzed. If you don’t grasp the truth revealed in this episode, it’s going to be very, very tough for you to grow your business, if it even survives at all.

Finally, understanding these four costs hiding in your coaching business will allow you to go from unknown to industry leader so fast it’ll make your competition’s head spin.

I promise you, what you hear in this episode is the difference that makes the difference. It’s what sets struggling coaches apart from coaches who wake up excited to do their jobs, experience incredible lifestyles, and have money in the bank.

Ready to join them? Ready to know what they know? If so…

Listen now.

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