Season 1 • Episode 87

5 Shifts To Help You Sell More NOW… even if you’ve never been successful at selling

If you’re not enrolling your ideal clients at $3,000-$10,000 each, anytime you want, then the fact is you could be living a completely different life…

A life that allows you…

 … more INCOME to fuel your dream life,

… more FREEDOM to do what you love, when you love to do it, with the people you love to do it with,

…and more IMPACT than you can even comprehend right now.

How’s this possible?

It starts by shifting your beliefs. It happens AFTER you understand what REALLY works when it comes to selling your programs and services to your ideal clients.

And it’s NOT what all the sales trainers are telling you. Those techniques are outdated at best, downright destructive at their worst.

Fact is, that style of selling was never intended to be used by heart-centered coaches and consultants. That old style of selling is transactional. Inhumane.

And that’s exactly why it doesn’t work for you as a coach who truly cares about serving others.

But I get it. Until now, there simply hasn’t been anyone else teaching a better way. That changes today, in this episode.

Because in this episode you are about to discover 5 shifts you can make starting today to help you sell more even if you’ve never been successful at selling.

And even if you HATE the idea of sales. Because what we share in this episode is the opposite of sales as you know it…

  • Ready to bust some myths about selling?
  • Ready for a better way to enroll your ideal clients at $3,000-$10,000 and have them thank you for it?
  • Ready to hear what’s REALLY possible when you align your enrollment strategy with who you really are?

If so…

Listen Now.

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