Season 1 • Episode 85

The UGLY Truth About Phone Sales

I NEVER imagined I’d have a coaching or consulting business built around phone sales. I tried everything else I could think of before picking up the phone. I tried e-books, blogs, courses, and more just to avoid having to get on the phone.

After all, I’d been SOLD too many times on the phone. I’d been treated badly on the phone. And I sure wasn’t going to put my clients through that nightmare.

Fact is, the way most people teach phone sales is broken. Ineffective. And brutally hard for people on both ends of the call. It’s the well-known secret no one is talking about.

Everyone else is telling you the way to sell high-ticket is to use the phone. But, they are not letting you see the dark, ugly side. They are not telling the whole truth.

That’s why, in this episode, Marc and I pull back the curtain and reveal the UGLY truth about phone sales.

As you listen you’ll discover…

  • Why using the phone the wrong way can undo your entire sales funnel no matter how dialed in it is.
  • The powerful distinction Marc discovered selling newspaper subscriptions to names in a phone book.
  • The top 5 benefits you’re missing by NOT using the phone or using the wrong phone strategy.
  • Plus, how we use the phone to generate over a million dollars in sales per month while turning away 30% of the calls.
  • And much more.

Listen now.

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