Season 1 • Episode 82

The Real Reason Your Clients Won’t Pay High-Ticket

What’s the real reason your audience, won’t pay high-ticket prices? What really stops people from investing $3,000 to $10,000 with you? Why do so many people fail to command high-ticket prices when a few do it day in and day out?

There are so many negative beliefs around this. Either you believe that your offer isn’t worth a premium price, or if you do think your offer is worth a premium price, you think your audience can’t afford it. Or won’t pay it.

There’s this pervasive idea that my audience is different. My offer is different. The people I’m trying to reach are not going to pay a premium price.

But is that really true? Does all the blame fall on the market? Or the offer? Or is something else going on?

In this episode we reveal the real reason your clients won’t pay high-ticket. And the answers might surprise you.

For instance, you’ll discover…

  • The #1 key to unlocking the vault of high-ticket buyers in nearly ANY market
  • The 3 components of success in any area of life–and especially high-ticket selling
  • Russ’ favorite question to instantly reframe and elevate your value in your niche
  • Why “believing when…” keeps you stuck in an endless loop of struggle–and how to break the cycle
  • Jayne’s favorite question for unleashing the most powerful version of yourself in any moment–and why it matters when selling high-ticket.
  • Plus much, much more…

Listen now.

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