Season 1 • Episode 80

Discovering Joy In the Journey: I’ll Be Happy When…

Whatever you want, you probably want it because you believe it’ll make you happier in some way. You believe that WHEN you get X, then you’ll be happy.

So you set goals to go after those things. Things like…

A certain income per month,

A new house,

A dream trip with the family,

A number on the scale, or size on a clothing tag.

However, whatever it is you think will make you happy “when” is backward thinking. There’s a better, more powerful way to move through life.

I think of it as a cheat code for life. A way to hack your way to your ideal results faster. And best of all, you’ll actually enjoy the process WHILE you are going after what you want.

Join me an Jayne Jewell in this episode as we discuss…

  • The seldom talked about syndrome keeping entrepreneurs from enjoying their business, and life.
  • The difference between “when” thinking and “while” thinking–and why it matters
  • How to get to your ideal outcomes even faster—while working less
  • Where the motion to propel you out of bed and towards your goals REALLY comes from
  • Why you rarely get what you deserve–-and what you can actually count on instead
  • How building a business, and life, is like cooking
  • The only two places you really need to focus to achieve anything you want in life
  • And much, much more.

Listen now.

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