Season 1 • Episode 79

Do Webinars Still Work?

Pop into nearly any marketing group on Facebook and you’ll see someone asking if webinars still work. You’ll also see the comments roll in. Comments like…

“Webinars are dead!”

“Nobody watches webinars anymore.”

“I would never sit through a webinar.”

The truth is, these people simply haven’t been able to make webinars work for themselves.

In this episode, we reveal some shocking numbers that PROVE webinars absolutely still work. And they work in all kinds of niches.

Will they work for you? Listen and find out. When you do, you’ll discover…

  • What dieting and webinars have in common
  • Why we chose webinars over all other options
  • The 3 BIG benefits of building a business around a solid webinar
  • What we mean when we say a webinar “works” and why it matters to you.
  • The staggering amount of revenue we’ll generate from webinars this year
  • The #1 resource for getting clear on whether or not a webinar might work for your business
  • And much, much more

If you’ve ever considered adding webinars to your marketing, then do not miss this episode…

Listen now.

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