Season 1 • Episode 76

The Ultimate Sales Funnel

Anyone trying to sell anything online is all over this idea of having a sales funnel. Or several…

A sales funnel for a book.

A quiz funnel.

A “free plus shipping” funnel.

Then there’s the funnel after your funnel. Why? Because the first funnel doesn’t actually put any money in your pocket. So, you need ANOTHER funnel on top of, behind, or inside the first funnel.

It’s enough to drive anyone insane. And it’s a complete waste of time.

Worse, the vast majority of funnels being taught today are built on a sandy foundation of outdated thinking.

So, is there such a thing “The Ultimate Sales Funnel” that’s going to put more money in your pocket? And if so, what is it? More importantly, what ISN’T it?

In this episode Adrienne, our Director of Lead Gen, and I break down… 

  • The 3 Major funnel types–knowing these will save you lots of headache when the next guru promises they have “The NEW Ultimate Sales Funnel.”
  • The four letter word on which 99% of all unprofitable funnels are built.
  • A crazy popular funnel that practically guarantees you’ll go broke in 2018.
  • 3 marketing superstitions that are complete BS
  • What is working, right now, in 2018 and beyond
  • And much more…

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