Season 1 • Episode 75

How To Get It All Done: Busting Top Productivity Myths and What Really Works Instead

Is there a secret to being more productive? Do the world’s most successful people know something you don’t? Are they gifted at getting stuff done?

I assure you, I am NOT special. I’m not wired with some special ability to “get it all done.” Instead, I’ve discovered how to get more done by doing less.

This isn’t just because I have an amazing team either. I ask them to do less too. And our revenue per employee just keeps climbing.

Sound impossible? Paradoxical. It is. And that’s why it works.

In this episode, you’ll hear Jayne and I discuss…

  • Why to-do lists don’t work for most people
  • The definition of OVERWHELM
  • Society’s obsession with being busy
  • My favorite Tim Ferriss quote about busyness
  • Why we decided a “to-do” worth $2 million should NOT make it on our to-do list right now
  • The secret of “task matching”
  • A simple six-word question that eliminates tasks BEFORE they end up on your to-do list
  • Why “grit” and tenacity may be stopping you from doing your best and highest work.
  • How doing just one or two things per day can accelerate your success faster than knocking out a dozen tasks.
  • Plus much, much more…

Listen now.

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