Season 1 • Episode 74

Hottest Niches For High-Ticket Coaches

Have you ever wondered if your niche as a coach or consultant will command a high-ticket price?

Do you look around, see “hot” niches, and wonder if you should jump on the latest trend?

After all, you could always come back to your niche once you pocket a few bucks, right?

Not so fast. Choosing a niche matters. Your niche, when chosen properly can propel you forward. Choose for the wrong reasons and it can set you back months or even years.

Not to mention thousands of dollars in expenses. Or tens of thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. That’s not what we want for you.

In this episode, we take a look at the hottest niches. We share what we’ve learned. And what matters most when choosing a high-ticket niche.

Did your niche make the list? Does it even matter? Listen in and discover…

  • Why the OLD WAY of choosing a niche is doomed when selling high-ticket.
  • The NEW WAY to pinpoint a truly unique high-ticket niche in 2018–and beyond.
  • Four of the BEST niches for creating high-ticket offers.
  • LITTLE-KNOWN sub-niches where our clients are absolutely crushing it.
  • INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL niches—and why it matters.
  • Three big MISTAKES old-school marketers make when it comes to choosing a niche.
  • Two critical questions to ask before jumping into a “hot” niche.
  • Plus much more…

Listen now.

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