Season 1 • Episode 72

The Lonely Entrepreneur

An online business is hard enough. Add in isolation and it gets even more taxing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

But there’s a deeper, darker type of loneliness. It’s one most entrepreneurs don’t fully understand. It’s why you feel alone even in a room full of friends and family.

Getting a handle on this type of loneliness is critical. You must understand what’s going on so that it doesn’t consume you. Awareness matters.

That’s why Jayne and I created a special episode we’re calling: The Lonely Entrepreneur.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • The two types of loneliness solo entrepreneurs must be aware of—and why
  • How and why your success is destroying the very relationships you thought would support you
  • The real reason your business wins seem so hollow
  • Two ways loneliness is magnified online
  • Four types of people you’ll have in your life as a successful entrepreneur–two will move you forward, one will hold you back, and the other will just be confused
  • Plus our top two suggestions to stop loneliness from stopping you

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