Season 1 • Episode 71

The Art of Quitting

Quitters never win and winners never quit, right? Not exactly.

What’s more accurate is: 

Winners know what to quit… when to quit… how to quit… and why to quit. They know what stops them. And they quit doing those things.

In other words, winners have figured out the art of how to eliminate 80-90% of the crap keeping others stuck. And they’ve created strategies for focussing on the 10-20% that creates success.

In this episode, The Art of Quitting, Marc Von Musser and I talk about the top things most coaches and consultants need to quit in order to finally move forward in their business.

We also cover the only three things you need to DO in order to build a successful business.

When you listen, you’ll discover…

  • How NOT quitting is destroying your family’s faith in you and your business.
  • The 17-year tragedy of NOT quitting.
  • Why we believe you could (and should) IMMEDIATELY quit 90% of your daily tasks.
  • The ONLY 3 things you need to worry about in your business to succeed at the highest levels–get this right and you can quit EVERYTHING else.
  • 3 questions you can ask to quit sabotaging your results FAST.
  • The #1 reason you keep doing the very things you should be quitting.
  • And more…

Listen now.

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