Season 1 • Episode 69

Tech Nightmares: Getting Left Behind In a World of Ever Changing Technology

Too many business owners are terrified of making the wrong choice when it comes to technology. They’re afraid whatever they pick won’t allow them to compete… or won’t allow the customer a good experience… or won’t allow them to find a customer in the first place.

Since when did the technology become such a burden? Isn’t technology supposed to make life easier… MORE productive…less stressful?

If so, why do so many people get stuck, spending months, analyzing tech options?

Is there a better way? Are business owners missing something? Will they be left behind?

Those are the answers Adrienne and I discuss in today’s episode.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • The real day to day importance of technology in your business.
  • The #1 danger we see when it comes to technology — now and in the future.
  • How to use technology without letting it consume you.
  • 5 Principles anyone can use to eliminate tech nightmares and finally get on with building an amazing business.
  • The forgotten, and underutilized, technology that allowed us to go from unknown to industry leader in less than 5 years.
  • What your customer really wants no matter what tech you use to deliver it.
  • And more…

Listen now.

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