Season 1 • Episode 66

Real vs. Imaginary Problems

This might be the most important podcast episode we’ve EVER recorded.

Because if you do not have the SKILL to distinguish between real and imaginary problems, you will get STUCK. And stay stuck. For a very long time. Decades is not unusual.

No matter how many problems you seem to solve, if you’re solving imaginary ones, you’ll never get around to actually MOVING FORWARD in your business. You’ll never actually see results.

You’ll look around 12 months… 3 years… 5 years later… and realize you are in the same spot as you were when you started (at least in terms of income, freedom, and actual impact on the world). 

Fact is, there are more than enough REAL problems to tackle. So, there’s no need to make up IMAGINARY problems. After all, you don’t get extra credit for making life more difficult.

That’s why in this episode you’ll discover 5 critical, yet simple questions every successful business owner must learn to ask in order to distinguish between REAL and IMAGINARY problems.

When you learn, and learn to ask, these questions, you’re much more likely to…

  • Keep increasing income,
  • Keep expanding your freedom, and
  • Keep increasing their impact and contribution in the world.

Additionally, in this episode you’ll discover…

  • The dangerous and all consuming “splinter effect” of creating imaginary problems…
  • How your brain (must) react when you create problems (real or imaginary)…
  • The two forces that lead to the manifestation of imaginary problems…
  • How to determine the SINGULAR problem you need to solve in the moment…
  • And so much more…

If you’re ready to get better at identifying REAL problems… and then rapidly moving through and past them… then this episode can eliminate YEARS of contemplation, frustration, and stagnation.

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