Season 1 • Episode 63

What We’ve Learned From 10,000+ Coaching Calls

Since the birth of Clients on Demand, we have logged over 10,000 coaching calls, giving us more than an intimate view of what the paralyzation of fear really looks like.

What we see over and over again is how people have picked up a learned “scared-ness,” And that it keeps them trapped in a life that feels more like a cage than the epic adventure life can be. These fears effect every area of how you live your life, and you better believe that ithe impact includes what you are able to create with your business.

So, after analyzing and considering 10,000+ coaching calls, Jayne Jewell and I are going to dive into the ONE CRITICAL (and learnable) SKILL we have found to be the “X-Factor” between what success and failure comes down to.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The ability or skill of handling and pushing through fear
  • How successful people have DEVELOPED the skill of dealing with fear…a.k.a.: COURAGE.
  • How you can develop the skill of COURAGE
  • What DOES make the difference between those who succeed and those who continue to struggle?
  • How fear IS going to happen. In fact, if you don’t feel fear, then you should REALLY be scared! Fear is simply a response to you pushing outside your comfort zone.
  • Most fears are simply your imagination running wild. The fear is seldom based on hard facts. Let’s face it, few of us are actually in danger of losing our life. Our fear is rarely triggered by an actual physical threat. More often than not, it’s purely imagined.
  • Take some kind of action toward the best case. Start creating a compelling future even if you have no idea what you’ll do tomorrow or how you’ll do it… do something today that forces you to confront your fears.

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