Season 1 • Episode 61

Results Bring Stability

Kevin and Olivia are career coaches that have a passion to help high achievers land six-figure jobs they love. When they first came to COD they were ALREADY making some decent money but felt stretched in, moving away from their vision and not satisfied with how they or their clients were showing up. They joined us, blasted through their limitations, and dove in head first to change from one-on-one to group coaching and smaller purchases to premium pricing. Their results are a testament to what happens when you are clear on your outcome and apply our principles. Now, Kevin and Olivia can go to bat for their own dedicated and motivated clients to get them the outcomes they desire.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Kevin and Olivia had large opt-in numbers and email list, but they were still capping out at about $25k per month. For the work that went in to get this result, they both felt stretched thin and moving away from their vision.
  • Kevin had an epiphany that they needed a higher engagement with, and deeper commitment to, their clients. At a lower price point, they were getting more wishy-washy clients with a higher refund request rate.
  • They decided they had to move from one-on-one coaching to a group model and shut down their lower prices to a new business model featuring premium prices. What blew their mind is that everyone involved they got even better and deeper results.
  • They are now not having to rely just on leads to come from their email list. A huge portion of their enrollments are people who have never heard of them before they see the Facebook ad and watch the webinar.
  • The executives that they work with are hooked on working on their own internal beliefs and mindset!

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