Season 1 • Episode 60

It’s Not About a Script!

Warning — today may forever change the way you think about sales and sales scripts — you may never be able to go back! Marc and I pull back the curtain on what REALLY counts when talking with a potential client on the phone to get the impact, influence and enrollment that serves everyone to the highest level. We uncover what clients actually need, why your intent to serve the client to the truth is EVERYTHING, and how you can set yourself apart from the rest of the pack who are still administering outdated methods of persuasion and brute force.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The call structure you use is very important, but only a small percentage of your success. Your mindset, intent and ability to let in the right clients, and your beliefs around enrolling are much more important factors.
  • The paradigm of sales is changing rapidly and only 3% of buyers trust a salesperson. The number one thing that buyers want is a salesperson to listen to their needs and present a solution without being pushy. People just want to feel heard.
  • Even though we would love to help everyone, if we can’t serve them we don’t even make an offer. The industry norm for online phone sales is 6-8% with a cancellation rate of 30-40% percent. We also don’t do a ton of follow ups and make almost all of our enrollments on the very first call.
  • The advent of social media gives consumers a voice and channel to damage your reputation if you are using outdated sales tactics.
  • Our methods don’t require 100 calls a day or week for a 1% success rate. It is based on an authentic and transparent conversation followed by an offer if it feels right for both parties.
  • Our job is to serve our clients to the truth of their situation without an agenda. Even if they are not a fit for our program, it’s our INTENT to send people along with clarity and resources to further support the next steps to their dream.

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