Season 1 • Episode 58

A Look Inside Our 2018 1st Quarter Numbers (and more!)

Transparency time!

In today’s episode, we pull back the curtain and reveal our numbers from the first quarter of 2018. To start, you’ll hear our actual revenue, advertising spend, and payroll numbers. Then, you’ll hear the numbers that set us apart from the competition – support numbers. For instance we’ll share:

-Support Tickets Answered

-One on One Coaching Calls

-Total Group Coaching Hours

-And more…

As you listen you’ll begin to see why our support numbers are our favorite numbers–and how following our lead could set you apart from your competition too.

Plus, Marc, Jayne and I break down why these numbers matter in a world of “insta-famous” coaches and trainers who’d rather snap pics in front of jets, beaches, and Ferraris than help you actually get the results they promise – but rarely deliver.

Listen now and you’ll get an inside look into what it really takes to run a high-ticket coaching business. You’ll also see just how rewarding and profitable it can be when you focus on the numbers that matter most to your clients’ results.

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