Season 1 • Episode 57

What Makes a High-Ticket Offer?

Together, we’ll pull back the curtain on high-ticket offers and reveal what exactly they are, why it’s so important to have one, and how you could get started TODAY with a system that provides you the flexibility and freedom to work with clients ready to get results. We will bust some myths about the standard practice of multiple funnels, testimonials and upselling, and show you the ONE thing you need to focus on, instead. Plus, we’ll share with you the wonderful benefits that come along with being laser-focused on one amazing high-ticket offer and commanding a premium price.

In this episode we talk about:

  • According to our definition, a high-ticket offer is a front-end offer that you are selling between $3K and $10K (and above).
  • When we first entered the coaching space, many of us were taught the methods of building complicated funnels and value ladders, where people purchase smaller-ticket offers first and their small investments lead up to a higher-ticket offer.
  • When you start commanding premium prices, your clients show up much more committed and ready to do the work. You can provide a higher level of service without multiplying your workload and being spread too thin.
  • It’s NOT about testimonials, case studies, and celebrity status. It’s great if you have all that, but we have helped many people succeed with high-ticket offers with little to no testimonials who were not famous in their field.
  • You don’t need a complex funnel, upsells, downsells, and cross-sells. Your customer journey can be ONE purchase to a high-ticket system that comes from a simple funnel as a Facebook ad, webinar, and phone call.
  • The real reason to cut through the fear and take actual action it because people NEED YOU and your gifts.
  • If you are going to create a high ticket offer, that program MUST create great results for your clients.

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