Season 1 • Episode 56

Does Group Coaching Get Results? One-On-One Vs. Group Coaching

The pros and cons of group coaching vs. one-on-one coaching, and what that choice means for your business, income, and client results. Jayne has seen it all, and from her thousands of hours of coaching she has been on both sides of the fence. She helps break it down on why the results of working within a group dynamic we get are light years beyond what we achieved when working with clients one on one. In this episode, we share what REALLY works to create transformation in clients and why groups sometimes create even FASTER and BIGGER BREAKTHROUGHS than one-on-one coaching ever could. We also tackle the myths that once you go group coaching you have to do it ALL in a group, the belief that taking away one-on-one support is cheating your clients, and that your program is too niche or customized to work some group magic.

In this episode we talk about:

  • There are many constraints of only being able to work with your clients one on one. It limits your income and restricts how many people you can serve, and holds you back from scaling up and actually taking a break or vacation.
  • When you are putting together your offers and program, you want to make it as leveraged as much as possible to eliminate the need to keep explaining everything repeatedly.
  • Doing a group coaching call many times can even be quicker to achieve transformation and to deliver your content and message.
  • The group itself begins to hold each other accountable and create a culture and tribe that helps motivate and support others.
  • When clients see others in the group being bold and vulnerable, they get inspired to take a chance and new ideas flow.
  • The framework that we provide can be applied to both a group coaching and individual business. You don’t have to pick just one and can mix and match the two methods for how it works for you.

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