Season 1 • Episode 55

From Completely Defeated to Hitting Her Annual Income in Just 4 Days!

Today our rockstar client Kate shares exactly what she did to create amazing results in her business as a relationship coach. Kate overcame a ton of challenges and diligently worked on her old funnel, her pricing, her limiting mindset, and her marketing, which resulted in her going from burnt-out and defeated to earning more in four days than she did the entire previous year! After all of her hard work following the system and implementing the suggestions from our team, Kate refers to what happened as a “seismic shift.” Now Kate can focus on growing her business to help women find the love they deserve and get out of relationships that are no longer healthy for them. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Kate, so listen in and see what happens when you show up coachable, committed and resourceful.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Previously the way Kate got her clients was hustling at networking events. This was time-consuming and required her to be out every night. Then she took an online course on doing online ads and webinars and that helped, but she didn’t feel that it gave her the total support and structure that she needed.
  • One of the biggest lessons Kate learned was to put her need to be liked and her ego aside and just focus on how she could SERVE and better her client’s lives.
  • Kate closed two high-ticket sales on New Year’s Eve which earned her enough to join COD.
  • Working on her limiting beliefs and stories was one of the most powerful challenges Kate worked on to see a shift in her world both internally and with her clients.
  • Kate is now turning away clients, which is something she never thought she could do. She is attracting more of the RIGHT client and is now able to outsource some of the work to make sure she is available to serve her clients at the highest level.

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