Season 1 • Episode 54

Don’t Be Rambo; Be a SEAL: Solopreneurs vs. Teams

In today’s episode, Marc and I talk about the importance of having a team of people to push you forward and keep you accountable. Doing it alone is NOT better, and usually, those are the solopreneurs that burn out the quickest. We give you strategies for finding the gaps in your skillset and a way to fill those gaps without creating massive overhead. We’ll also show you how to hack this next step for your business and get to the bottom line even quicker. When everyone is committed to the cause, you raise yourself and your own clients to a higher standard. You will learn how to get an ELITE WORLD CLASS team working with you, faster and easier than you ever imagined.

In this episode we talk about:

  • When you work with and for others, you are more likely to push yourself to do more, rather than if you were completely on your own. It gives you longevity when you are devoted to your clients and your team.
  • The lifecycle on the internet is one year. The buyer moves so quickly that you MUST identify your strengths and weaknesses, work with others to help you fill in all the gaps completely and leverage your team to get incredible results.
  • Even if you are brilliant and incredible (which we know you are), you still must find a way to work with others and benefit from their expertise.
  • The exact reason you can’t afford to hire others is often because you are trying to do every piece. Seeking out world-class experts to help you get to the next level is a commitment to your higher standards.

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