Season 1 • Episode 53

Smoke & Mirrors Marketing: 8 Ways to Tell When a Coach is Lying to You

Today Adrienne and I talk about something that is becoming more common as the coaching industry grows that no one seems to want to talk about — copycats and fakes. We uncover how to know if what someone is telling you is true, or if it’s just fluff and how to tell the difference between the authentic coaches and the copycats. Anyone can take a picture in front of a jet or boast about their live event, but there are certain things you HAVE to look at in order to make sure your coach is the real deal. My hope is that this will save you some time, some money, and a whole lot of frustration.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The first thing to look for is that the business coach has a system that provides enough support to get results from start to finish, and the ability to replicate it in different industries.
  • Be sure your coach is advertising themselves as well and putting money into advertising their growth and results.
  • Your coach should make their money from what they teach. If someone is teaching blogging or content marketing but not making money from it, it’s best to find someone else that is. Their business model and strategy should match how they are finding success.
  • A good coach will not make you feel guilty or ashamed when you ask a question and they don’t know the answer.
  • Your coach should show up congruent with what they are promising and teaching, and their client testimonials should be made up of a varied circle of professionals instead of the same five people all just reviewing each other.
  • Transparency about the real numbers is key. Everybody can create manufactured success but the real power is the honesty about the hard work and all the effort it takes to succeed.
  • Be sure your coach knows the difference between sales and getting results vs. thinking of what they do as just generating revenue or a cash collective.
  • Trust your gut but let that inspire you to make sure someone is covering all the criteria before you make a final decision.

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