Season 1 • Episode 52

How to Get Off of the Revenue Rollercoaster

When you have a pop of money come in and you can’t sustain it, you feel like you have no momentum, no certainty, and inconsistent income. Today Adrienne and I will show you how to create revenue that you can count on, the outdated strategies that are NOT working, and bust some MYTHS about what most people believe is the answer to creating RELIABLE revenue and what it actually takes to CONSISTENTLY PRODUCE in business. We give the lowdown on launches, summits, Facebook ads and even call out some “new age” spamming techniques that don’t work, plus provide many strategies that do!

In this episode we talk about:

  • One of the biggest problems we see is people using business models that are not evergreen. Here at COD, we can scale our revenue through a constant flow of generating income. An example of a model that doesn’t work is doing a launch or live event that makes a quick burst of money and then tapers off into not much before you are scrambling for the next one. These events are great to do, but shouldn’t be what you depend on for your main income.
  • One a million-dollar launch, by the time you pay out the advertising and affiliate costs plus refunds and return rates, you are lucky to even be profitable.
  • Whatever the strategy is, you must control it. Referrals are great, but you shouldn’t put yourself at the mercy of someone else.
  • The new age spamming is people going into private FB groups that someone else did the work to build up and privately messaging members without establishing any sort of connection before.
  • Facebook ads are a great way to gauge how a campaign is going, maintain consistent profit, and control your message and the target audience. Start with where you are at, even if it’s $10  a day.

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