Season 1 • Episode 50

Are You a Sales Coward?

If you are not living the life you are born to live with the impact you were born to make, the majority of the time it is fear that is holding you back. We dive in today to help you change the channel on your fear, so you can use your fear to your best advantage. If you are wondering why other coaches or consultants are doing basically the same thing and ranking in 5-figures per month (and more) while you’re not, this is the episode for you. We also talk about how to spend your time wisely, how to identify and use your fear for motivation, and the importance of a great coach and impeccable strategy.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The fear never goes away; it just changes form. It’s how you manage your own fear and move forward that helps people get ahead and let fear serve you.
  • Throughout all of history, fear showed people they were doing something worthwhile and pushing towards their goal. When we are outside of our comfort zone, fear is a way to show us that we are in unknown territory and is totally normal.
  • Having a coach and expert that can help you navigate is crucial and will help mitigate the fear of the unknown.
  • Once you create a strategy that works, it is easier to execute your game plan than just winging it.
  • Why continual learning is great, but not something you can hide behind. If anyone is promising a way for you to get to your dreams with sidestepping fear, don’t believe them!
  • Why you shouldn’t confuse activity with productivity, and how to pour your time into the most important thing that day with action in the correct areas.

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