Season 1 • Episode 49

Refunds Are NOT Normal: How We Maintain a 1.9% Refund Rate

Today Marc and Jayne discuss how we virtually eliminated cancellations, and how you can too. This approach is currently not taught anywhere else, and while other programs are teaching about getting the sale, ours is about servicing human beings to the truth and our refund rate is almost non-existent at 1.9%. They share insider advice on how to enroll the right person for the right reason from the beginning, how to mitigate and eliminate buyer’s remorse, the concept of over delivering on client experience,  and what you can expect when you commit to a standard of alignment and congruence.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The average business has between 30-45% cancellations. If you look at that from a time standpoint, it depletes the focus of your intention, zaps your energy and mindset, and leads you to question who will be the next one to cancel.
  • The consequence of dealing with cancellations and hostile clients. The harder you pressure people to get in the higher the cancellation rate.
  • When you enroll the right clients right from the beginning, they are happy and invested in your program and the company mindset of service and truth trickles into their satisfaction.
  • Buyer’s remorse usually occurs due to three reasons: fear, a shift of focus, and external forces of others doubting you.
  • Key questions to ask yourself and your clients during the initial screening: Do your clients want to be empowered or enabled? Are they committed to victory, or a victim mindset? Do they have a mindset of whatever it takes, or are they looking to do the minimum?
  • The leaders of tomorrow will be aligned, congruent and focused on service to their core.

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