Season 1 • Episode 48

What We Learned about MARKETING From Our First Million-Dollar Month!

In today’s episode, Adrienne and Jayne get down to the details of what they did with marketing that helped them get to and maintain their amazing million-dollar months. They share the top three things that helped them achieve their goals, the confidence that comes with knowing how to track and understand every single number daily, and the mindset behind improving what you already have instead of spending more money in a scattered way.

Very few people online or offline can share these TRUTHS with you from a place of real-world experience. Sure, others may have theories about what works … but we KNOW what works when it comes to LEAD-GEN and MARKETING for HIGH-TICKET CONSULTING.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Knowing the numbers in your business! It is common for people to not look at the numbers as much or at all as what is needed to know for a successful marketing funnel.
  • Information overload and emotion can overwhelm and lead to inaction, but we are here to say that numbers don’t lie, and “bad” numbers are not a reason to freak out, they are just data that can help you understand the value of what you are currently doing.
  • When you do track your numbers and understand the data, it tells you exactly what is and is not working.
  • The distinction of spending more to get more vs. getting better at what you are already doing.
  • Before you scale, you must have enough information with a sustainable and consistent strategy.

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