Season 1 • Episode 46

What We Learned about MINDSET From Our First Million-Dollar Month!

Today’s episode is a continuation of our series where we pull back the curtain on how we got to our goal of making a million dollars a month. This was a huge goal of ours, and now that we are there consistently, we thought it would be valuable to reflect on what we learned along the way and what caught us off guard. Jayne and I share the key principles our team focused on that allowed us to reach our BIG goal of $1 Million per month, and what we had to change specifically about our mindset, strategies, and beliefs, in order to attain that goal.

In this episode we talk about:

● As a coach and entrepreneur, the number ONE thing you need to take control of is your mindset and beliefs.

● The quicker you can move through challenges, the better you will be to serve your clients to their full outcomes. Setting a big goal is signing yourself up for challenges, so they should be welcome along the way of the journey.

● It’s okay and even welcome to be overly optimistic!

● You must convince yourself with a reason why, and enroll yourself in the mission, first.

● As a business owner, you have to align your goals with everyone else’s goals and outcomes in the program as well. It is your job to create a vehicle where everybody wins.

● Tenacity and Grit are great, but what works even better is a strong “why” mixed with a winning strategy.

● Long Term success is met when everybody is happy, on board, and getting their own goals and outcomes met.

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