Season 1 • Episode 45

What We Learned from Our First Million-Dollar Month!

Today’s show kicks off a series we are so excited to share with you, about our first million-dollar month. In August 2017, we had our first million-dollar month. Even better, we’ve reached that milestone AGAIN in November and December 2017 and AGAIN in January 2018. In fact, it’s now the new normal around here. So, you might be wondering how we did it, and how you could take our experience and make it work into your own life.

Marc and I talk about the real truth on building an eight-figure business. We share some critical and insider information about setting intentions, our obligation to attain the outcome even if it means having difficult conversations, the beauty of simplicity and optimizing everything, congruence and commitment and the responsibilities of providing real value that come with the new power.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The crucial first step is setting an intention; this is where you set where you are going to go, no matter what the challenges, roadblocks, and hours it takes. In this process, you tap into your divine power.
  • How do you make it easy for the client to find you, then attain the highest level of service once they seek your guidance?
  • When you get in alignment and consistently work towards getting the clients towards their a real and clear outcome, no matter what it takes, the more money you will make and the better your business will be.
  • Showing up congruent and transparent with your clients, team, and yourself is a big responsibility that you can’t be casual about.
  • The commitment to dreams vs. the commitment to limiting beliefs.
  • Don’t chase the next shiny business model. Find what works and then optimize it. Ask yourself how you can make your ads, webinars, podcasts more effective instead of jumping from thing to thing.

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